IBM wants to secure your hybrid cloud environments

IBM headquarters
IBM headquarters

IBM has launched a security solution designed to protect data on hybrid clouds. The tool, Dynamic Cloud Security, which is built on IBM's cloud, security and analytics software, is an analytics-based approach to securing multiple data and cloud environments.

Businesses will be able to determine who is accessing information within their hybrid cloud environments, the device the person is using, their location and what information they've seen. The cloud- or on-premise-based tool can analyze web and mobile applications for security weaknesses, and it is built to improve response times if an event is occurring or is likely to occur.

The tool analyzes more than 20 billion daily security events to help identify threats.

IBM's security chops

No company has stressed the value of data security more than IBM has in recent months. IBM is the third-highest grossing security vendor on the market behind Symantec and Intel's McAfee, and the company is doing everything it can to move closer to pole position.

Last month, IBM launched an analytics tool designed to help travel and transportation companies reduce security risks. The tool is built to protect operating systems, databases, pricing systems and any other endpoint solutions travel and transportation companies use to store customer and corporate information.

The travel security solution is built on IBM's QRadar security tool, which it beefed up earlier in the year by adding Incident Forensics. The addition is designed to help security professionals retrace the steps of cyber criminals, helping identify how breaches were made and where vulnerabilities lie.

It also acquired two companies: CrossIdeas, an Italian security company that helps manage user access to applications and data, and Lighthouse Security Group, which focuses on identity and access management.