New Windows 10 notifications to keep you up-to-speed with Microsoft services

Windows 10

When it comes to notifications in Windows 10, there's a new type which has recently become available to some users – a direct 'From Microsoft' notification which could be used to deliver details pertaining to a Microsoft account and related services.

This development was spotted by Windows Supersite, which was sent notifications regarding Microsoft Rewards (which incidentally is the new name for Bing Rewards), and found that under Settings there was a new From Microsoft category of notifications which can be turned on or off.

Most users don't have this option – at least we're presuming most folks don't, and it's certainly not present on our PC – and the tech website postulates that this could be the initial testing of a new channel to highlight information regarding the user's Microsoft account. That could include notifications of things like expiring subscriptions, device limits, security alerts and parental control (family safety) options.

Likely prospect

And this seems a likely prospect – although it could merely be a conduit for Microsoft Rewards notifications, that would seem a rather limited remit (and if this was the case, you'd expect the category would be labelled Microsoft Rewards rather than From Microsoft, the latter of which suggests a broad range of topics).

One comment on the original report suggests that these notifications have been appearing for a few weeks now, although of course, that's just one user. Are any of our readers running Windows 10 seeing this? As ever, let us know in the comments section below.

As you probably haven't failed to notice, Windows 10 has been having something of a bumpy ride since the Anniversary Update rolled out, with the latter causing a number of issues such as freezing PCs and broken webcams.

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