Microsoft teams up with Intel to kill Windows 10 battery bug

Windows 10

Windows 10's launch could be marred by a bug that can reportedly reduce the time some machines stay alive by just shy of 10%.

First reported by PC World, Intel confirmed that it's working hard with Microsoft to repair the bug that has the potential to blight battery life ahead of the launch of the new OS, which is slated for July 29.

"While we are working on technical optimisations, we have seen very minor hits to battery life but even the upper end of what we have seen is below 10 percent. Do know that we expect battery life on Windows 10 systems to be nearly the same as on Windows 8.1 systems once the final Windows 10 drivers have been updated and released," read a statement from Intel.

Bugs on the first day of any new OS version aren't anything new and an entire OS on the level of Windows 10 will bring with it enough glitches that Microsoft is widely expected to bring a hefty Day 0 update to users on the first day.

Cortana a battery drain too

Sticking with the battery life issue, certain PC makers are unsurprisingly warning that turning Cortana on will have a detrimental effect on battery life and that "Hey Cortana" will mean an increase in CPU usage of about 6%.

Windows 10 gets its long-awaited release in a little under a week's time with PC manufacturers, owners and Microsoft waiting with baited breath to see just how well it gets on in its new guise as "Windows-as-a-Service".