Microsoft offers a preview of Windows 10 on smaller tablets

Windows 10

Microsoft has revealed a few more details about how Windows 10 will work on smaller screened tablets in the 7-inch to 8-inch ball park.

First reported by Neowin, Joe Belfiore, executive VP of the operating systems group at Microsoft, showed just how Windows 10 works on the Lenovo ThinkPad 8-inch model where it is in tablet mode before being docked into a larger screen in which it acts like a full fledged PC.

The version for smaller screened tablets of 7 to 8 inches uses a tiled interface in tablet mode where the favourites take up the majority of the screen and users can then click on the left-hand side to be shown a list of other programs.

Belfiore then opened up the maps app on the tablet before plugging it into a dock so that it came up on a monitor where it offered the exact same experience that was on the tablet screen except on the desktop.

Phablets not included

The reason you can do so is that tablets in this size group run a specially adapted full version of Windows, which runs full Win32 programs and as such is different to the version designed for phablets shown in leaked images last month.

All form factors will, however, be able to enjoy a unified experience across Microsoft's collection of Universal Apps that are being designed to look exactly regardless of whether the version of Windows 10 is on a smartphone, tablet or desktop PC.