Microsoft makes Windows free on small devices

Windows tablet
Free for small - Microsoft pushes Windows in mobile market

Microsoft will offer Windows for free to OEMs and ODMs on all devices smaller than nine inches, the company announced at its Build 2014 conference.

Terry Myerson, Executive VP of Operating Systems at Microsoft, announced the move as part of his keynote address, which resulted in raucous applause.

"To drive adoption of your applications and get your applications out there for more customers, on phones and tablets with screen sizes less than nine inches we are making Windows available now for zero dollars," he said.

Free for all

The freebies don't end with mobile devices, however. Microsoft will also be shipping Windows for free on Internet of Things (IoT) gizmos and gadgets, which will help it compete with Google's recently announced Android Wear.

"We want to remove all the friction between you and creating these devices, remove any hesitation you have to apply that creativity to creating new Internet of Things devices. So I want to announce today that when we have this new Windows for the Internet of Things available, Windows will be available for zero dollars," Myerson said.

Microsoft will also be encouraging adoption of Office 365 by giving its hardware partners a one-year subscription to bundle with their new rigs. We can't say Microsoft isn't trying.