Microsoft has made a custom version of Windows 10 for China

Windows 10

As you're no doubt aware, Microsoft is pretty keen to push Windows 10 front and centre, and not just in the western world – in fact the company has produced a special edition of its newest operating system for China.

As Ubergizmo reports, Windows 10 Zhuangongban translates as a 'Windows 10 Specially-Provided Edition', and Microsoft is delivering this in order to tap into the vast Chinese market.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft's chief executive in China, Ralph Haupter, explained to a Chinese magazine that many of the changes for this version revolve around beefing up security and providing more management features as requested by the Chinese government.

This version of the OS also cuts out many Microsoft apps and services, which again is no great surprise. The exact differences and extent of the changes weren't made clear, although by the sound of things we're guessing they're pretty significant.

Jumping hurdles

Microsoft will almost certainly want to clear any hurdles the Chinese regime puts in its way, following the fracas you may recall two years ago when China banned Windows 8 across government offices with security and safety concerns being cited as a reason in some quarters.

Redmond certainly wouldn't want Windows 10 to suffer the same fate, and miss out on a considerable revenue stream.

According to the latest figures drawn from US government websites, in terms of its adoption rate over in the States, Windows 10 has now crested 20%, which might sound like an impressive figure, but growth has slowed considerably since the start of the year.

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