Meet Big Data Analytics firm claiming to be 10x cheaper than the competition


Enterprise data warehousing is never going to be cheap, but it doesn't need to be nearly as expensive as it is. At least, that's what's driving big data analytics startup MammothDB and its hopes to disrupt the business technology sector.

The software company, which is based out of Sofia, Bulgaria, offers 10-fold savings when compared to the analytics database solutions offered by bigger players like Oracle and SAP, as well as claiming to deploy 50 percent faster.

MammothDB offers two core products; the cloud-based MammothDB 'Storm' solution and MammothDB On-Premises. According to the company, one particular use case saw logistics and parcel delivery firm DHL rollout MammothDB at a cost of €400,000 (about £286,000), compared to the €4m figure (£2.8m) quoted for SAP HANA.

For the 'Storm' Enterprise Cloud, installations are customised based on an enterprise's needs, with the company quoting an average figure of $500 (about £325) per license, per node.

Pricing for the On-Premises Enterprise Edition is more straightforward. Up to five nodes can be trialled for free with the individual price of nodes sold in pack of 10, 15 and 20, down to $2,000 (around £1,300).

In terms of tech, MammothDB offers a native MySQL port so that any visualisation tool - whether it's a commonplace product like Excel or a more robust tool like Tableau - can be connected to the database.

It's also compliant with certain open-source technologies, including components of Hadoop, so customers should be able to easily scale their implementations.

Currently, MammothDB is part of Cisco's first European Entrepreneur in Residence programme, a tech incubator based out of Vienna and planning to expand to London in the summer. As well as Cisco, MammothDB is also partnered with Microsoft's Azure on the cloud-side of its operation.

The company recently secured a €1.6m (around £1.1m) funding round with 3TS Capital Partners and Empower Capital.

James Laird

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