How to build a mobile workforce with Windows 8

Is it time to move to Windows 8?
Is it time to move to Windows 8?

Agility is now a key component of today's business environment. Companies that can react to changing market places and leverage the technology they have available will be brand leaders.

A revolution has taken place over the last few years, with mobile communication taking centre stage as a disruptive influence on today's enterprises. The smart phone and tablet PC have heralded a paradigm shift in how business is now transacted.

Flexible working

Research carried out by Regus concluded that nearly three-quarters of office-based workers believe that flexible working makes them more productive, with over 80% concluding that a choice of working location promotes loyalty and staff retention.

Companies are realising that flexible workforces are the future. Under Dell's Workforce Commitment plan: "Connected Workplace will enable team members to find new ways to work that drive business results, focusing on the value of results rather than how, when or where the work gets done. It gives team members more flexibility allowing them to better manage their work–life balance."

Migration benefits

At the heart of these new agile and flexible workforces are advanced digital communications tools. One of the current leaders is Windows 8. The latest incarnation of the Windows operating system enables businesses migrating from Windows XP (for instance) to take a quantum leap forward not only in their efficiency, but also in their ability to build new versatile workforces thanks to the multi-platform availability of Windows 8.

The 'always connected' business is now a reality, as platforms like Surface Pro 2 offers a flexible yet comprehensive digital toolset that all businesses can leverage to the maximum advantage. As Microsoft states: "The culture of work is changing, and the subject of flexible working is the topic of constant and lively debate. But regardless of debate, we can't ignore the fact that 'tech-savvy and always-connected' people want faster, more intuitive technology, uninterrupted services, and freedom to work anywhere, anytime, on a variety of devices."

Windows 8 Enterprise

What business owners quickly discover when migrating from an earlier operating system to Windows 8, is that the new version is built for business. There is now a version of Windows 8 that is perfect for every business that wants to build a next-generation workforce. Windows 8 Enterprise for instance, includes Windows To Go, Direct Access, BranchCache, AppLocker, VDI Enhancements, and Enterprise Sideloading for direct deployment of new Windows 8 apps.

The flexibility that Windows 8 offers perfectly matches the flexible working ambitions of all businesses. The operating system can be used in a familiar desktop environment, but instantly transforms tablet PCs into touch devices with all the advantages that this type of user interface offers.


In addition, migrating to Windows 8 delivers the cloud to your business in a completely integrated platform with SkyDrive. Having the ability to sync files from a number of devices, and instantly share date with the click of a mouse or the touch of an icon is a powerful and essential service when building flexible workforces.

Businesses that have yet to make the transition to Windows 8 have no time to lose. Businesses that want to remain vital in their market sectors need to develop flexible working practices. These can be delivered by adopting the latest integrated digital platforms. Windows 8 offers a sound foundation onto which to build these flexible and agile businesses.