Download of the Day: Templates for Office

Templates for Office
PowerPoint templates

If you thought the templates inside your copy of Office were the only ones available then think again as Templates for Office offers even more ways to create diverse content using all parts of Office.

Why you need it

Office is the most popular productivity suite of all time yet there are certain limitations to what you can do with the product straight out of the box and it's something that ultimately doesn't need to hold you back.

Templates for Office is a free set of templates for all parts of Office that can be downloaded directly from Microsoft to be used with Word, Excel or PowerPoint, and there are quite literally thousands of options available.

It allows you to turn Word into a tool to help you push your career to the next level through a wealth of CV and cover letter templates as well as guides that will enable you to create event flyers for your next big event. Add a dash of colour to benign Excel spreadsheets, turn your budgets into colourful representations of company performance or alternatively produce a revision schedule for your next set of exams that makes it easier to knuckle down. There are even a slew of professional looking PowerPoint presentation templates to make your next briefing stand out against the bog standard PowerPoint templates on offer.

Browsing through the vast selection is simple with a long-list of categories to choose from including cards, calendars, budgets, health and fitness, education, financial management, schedules, surveys, menus, minutes and a lot more.

That list barely lights the touch paper of what can be achieved by using Templates for Office, so head over to the site now to start finding out how the raft of templates available can help you.

Key Features

Works on: All versions of Office

Versions: Free

All programs included: There are a number of templates available for whichever major part of the Office suite you are using meaning that Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations can all be enhanced.

Simple browsing: Finding templates is incredibly easy with the ability to narrow down the search by category and by whether the templates are for Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

Easy to implement: Once you have downloaded one or a number of templates, opening them is as simple as accessing the Office program and then opening up the template you want to use.