Adobe Document Cloud just made document management so much easier

Adobe Document Cloud
Adobe Document Cloud

If scanning, faxing and submitting important documents has ever frustrated you, then today is a good day. Adobe has created a new tool that will let you snap a photo of a document, save it to the cloud, edit it, sign it and password-protect it - all from a smartphone or tablet.

The Adobe Document Cloud features a touch-enabled user interface, Photoshop imaging tools, and Adobe eSign technology, all of which are combined to simplify the document management process.

For example: if you’re traveling on business and you need to file a receipt, instead of signing the receipt, scanning it, saving it and submitting it from a desktop, you can snap a picture of your receipt, adjust the image’s rotation and lighting, add an electronic signature or other text, store it in the cloud and share it from your smartphone, among other features.

Another use case enables users to edit presentations on the go in a collaborative environment. Rather that sharing PDFs after each and every edit, Document Cloud users can access documents on their smartphone or tablet, make edits on a touchscreen, and lock, share or restrict access.

Adobe’s Mobile Link profile tool enables you to store your files, settings and signatures so that you don’t have to start fresh with new devices. Simply log in to your Document Cloud account and your electronic signatures and document preferences follow you from device to device.

Document Cloud’s Send and Track features give you better control over who accesses your documents. You can adjust the settings to control who opens documents, when they have access, what devices they can access documents on, and whether or not they can make edits.

All documents accessed on Document Cloud can be saved saved locally to a device, in addition to saving to the cloud, which enables users to easily move between working with and without Wi-Fi connections.

Document Cloud is available on iOS and Android devices. Windows Phone users will have to settle for a document reader that does not enable edits. Document Cloud will be available later this month via subscription for $14.99 per month, and for one-time purchase. Adobe has not yet revealed pricing for one-time purchases.