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Reseller hosting for startups: an opportunity to earn extra

Are you a startup company? A startup needs to manage everything in a well-disciplined manner. Apart from this, you might always be finding ways to gain revenue and diversify your business model. 

Being a startup, it’s important that you offer all the tools and resources to your clients for utilizing the company’s service without the need to go to any other site or provider for additional services. 

When you become a hosting reseller, you can define custom plans depending on the server power of an established hosting provider as well as their data center.

Though reseller hosting plans are one of the best ways to earn a consistent income, you require careful planning and commitment to start with. 

When in right hands, a reseller hosting service can generate revenue in tens of thousands of dollars every year. But it’s important to find some best ways to increase your reseller hosting income to this level.   

Below are some features of the reseller hosting plan that would be an advantage for you as a reseller to expand the success of your web hosting business: 

Offer an extra feature to your client

May you be a web designer agency or a marketing team that doesn’t matter as you too can start with your own reseller hosting business. Yes, that’s true and your prospects can reap the benefits of both the services a web design service with hosting or a marketing service with hosting. 

So, when you act as a reseller, you would be providing all-inclusive packages equipped with all that the client requires for getting the site online. If you are a startup, you should improve the abilities of your service and so, if you start offering hosting, it would be a good launch. 

Simply focus on hosting business 

It’s a fact that when a business offers something unique from other businesses it gets the chance to shine bright. If you are aware that your clients might need hosting for utilizing your web service then you can make it easy for them by offering it. 

This can also help your company grow as the clients don’t need to go anywhere else to find hosting eventually making them happy. There are several startups that have integrated hosting as an additional feature in their service and after discovering its benefits, they have formed branches for running separate hosting business.   

Start with a minimal cost

Cost is the critical factor that plays a significant role in terms of any startup business. Don’t worry the startup cost of reseller hosting is quite affordable and so it makes a viable income for several people. 

If you are a business site looking for an extra fund source or a blogger starting your first blog, you can always choose reseller hosting for achieving your goals. 

Remember that as your reseller hosting business grows, you will need to upgrade the features such as disk space. 

Go for online advertising

Advertising plays a key role in a web hosting business over the Internet. It can greatly improve your services as you can display what your company offers through an attractive design format which actually catches the visitor’s eye. 

The visitor will surely visit your website to check the services you offer from the advertisement displayed on different sites.   

Some reseller hosting providers cater their customers by offering their best for effective business promotion. You can also take the benefits of the social channels such as Facebook and Twitter for promoting your services or offer incentives to your existing customers for referring their colleagues and friends.   

Once you work hard to enhance your web hosting services and effectively market your products online, you will observe that your income from reseller hosting begins to rise.

Upsell other products with reseller hosting 

There are several things that need to be worked on for a beginner webmaster to create a web presence. A domain name is obligatory along with web hosting services for every customer of a reseller hosting so that the visitors can access the hosted content. 

You can help your customers to succeed online and ultimately increase your revenue by offering the domain name registration services. 

There are some reseller hosting plans that include a free domain name reseller account. One can sell their own web addresses using a domain name reseller account similar to that of selling web hosting service. 

If you just have a domain name reseller account available with you, it is possible to earn extra income from every single customer.

Offer streamlined support and useful software 

Various factors that can’t be controlled immediately are responsible for the technical performance of the web hosting plans that are sold from your reseller hosting service. 

For example, the network infrastructure from where your content is made available is controlled by your reseller hosting provider. But you have complete control over the customer service as you are a web hosting reseller and this is where you can improve your services. 

Client management and client billing software are the ways with which you can maintain your customer service standards. 

Some systems offer billing as well as technical support and ticketed help desk functionality help to make it easier for offering a great customer support. With this, you can earn more customers and charge extra. 

The range of software and web applications offered to your customers with the reseller hosting is another area of your web hosting product which is under your control. 

There are some reseller hosting services that include automated script installers and popular control panels such as cPanel, which can help visitors, get pulled to your web hosting business. 

At last, adding a web host tag to the list of features is just a single step that any startup offering web services needs to take for a proactive and progressive approach. Reseller hosting can help your startup to grow within very less time. 

When you become a reseller it makes your business more vibrant and also lets clients find a second reason to choose you in the competition of web hosting. 

Pallavi Godse, Sr. Digital Marketing Executive at MilesWeb

Pallavi is working as Sr. Digital Marketing Executive at MilesWeb and is interested in creating engaging content related to startups, ecommerce, web hosting, technology trends and other IT related topics. She has over 11 years of working experiences.