PUBG 2 could arrive in 2022, say leaks

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PUBG which launched as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and is currently known as PUBG Battlegrounds may be getting a sequel next year according to leaks. This refers essentially to the PC version of the game and not the mobile ones. 

According to a tweet from PlayerIGN who has made credible leaks about PUBG games before, the developers are apparently working on a new version of the popular battle royale game.

PUBG 2 leaked details

According to the tweet from PlayerIGN the, "NEW UE5 PUBG game: PUBG Amsterdam's hiring to build a new AAA Unreal Engine 5 "UNANNOUNCED PROJECT" game. A PUBG2 project upgrade to UE5 was discussed a few months ago via internal sources. Also from recent leak at Nvidia, we know there's a WIP Krafton game called "X1.""

This tweet has now been deleted but is available on the Internet Archive (opens in new tab). The tweet even shows the listings for the jobs. There have been multiple reports of a sequel to PUBG releasing in the past as well. 

Previously, a professional PUBG player named DrasseL asked about PUBG 2 for PC and console in a reply to PUBG dataminer and leaker PlayerIGN who incidentally leaked the news of PUBG 2.

DrasseL asked, "Wait, so the PUBG 2 that we're waiting for on pc, this is it? Its going to be this PUBG:New State set in 2051?" To which PlayerIGN replied saying, "New state is only for mobile, the pubg 2 thing (pc/console) is someth we're still waiting for by 2022."

While there isn't any official news about a possible PC and Console game following the release of PUBG New State, it does not mean that the company will not just announce the same for the other platforms later. 

It remains to be seen just how accurate the leaks turn out, and besides that we suggest readers take this news with a pinch of salt since nothing about this is remotely official. 

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