PSVR 2 is getting a game-changing new feature

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A new PSVR 2 feature could allow for some game-changing experiences with the upcoming VR headset.

PSVR 2 is Sony's dedicated VR headset for PS5. We've already been made privy to some of the upcoming headset's features – like its streamlined design – but Sony's latest official update (opens in new tab) has divulged even more juicy details. This includes a brand new see-through mode. 

This will let PSVR 2 users view their surroundings without needing to take the headset off. Some of the best VR headsets support similar passthrough or augmented reality tech, but it's a first for Sony's VR output.

PSVR 2 will also allow complete customization of your play area. Using the headset's controllers and embedded cameras, you can scan your immediate area. This will let you adjust the size of your play area, useful for if you need a little more space or for blocking off various bits of furniture.

A better view

For my money, the PSVR 2 feature that stands out most from Sony's latest blog post has to be the new see-through mode. And not just because it will make tasks like finding controllers and being aware of your surroundings much easier.

Sony states that the see-through mode is "for viewing only," and that there'll be no option to record while in the mode. A smart choice, considering most likely don't want to broadcast their earthly possessions to others online.

However, I can't help but wonder if this see-through mode will have more tricks up its sleeve when PSVR 2 launches. It could pave the way for augmented reality experiences. That could be as simple as mapping full 3D models onto the display. Or something more interactive like fully playable AR games. Perhaps a creating a hidden object hunt or generating a pool for some virtual fishing.

Ultimately, PSVR 2 sounds better with every update Sony drops for the headset. And while I can't say for certain that we'll be getting some truly next-level augmented reality experiences, the thought alone has me excited for the headset's overall potential.

Add in ancillary features like a new broadcast mode that'll let you record yourself with a PS5 HD Camera, and support for full 360-degree view, and PSVR 2 is shaping up to be rich with quality features.

A PSVR 2 release date still hasn't been confirmed, but Sony closes the blog post by stating more information will be shared on that front soon.

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