PNY launches world’s most advanced 1TB microSD card: high capacity meets high speed

(Image credit: PNY)

PNY has released a new microSDXC card that combines a 1TB capacity, decent read and write speeds and A2 application performance.

The 1TB Pro Elite microSDXC card is aimed at professionals who need to store a lot of data, but it also makes sense for anyone that installs a lot of applications on their Android smartphone. 

The card uses a UHS-I interface and offers read performance of up to 100MB/s and write performance of up to 90MB/s, which is the maximum the interface can offer. By contrast, previous-generation 1TB microSDXC cards topped out at 60MB/s write speed.

Fast and capacious

PNY's new memory card also supports Video Speed Class V30, which means its minimum write speed does not drop below 30MB/s, which is important for anyone that records high-speed 4K, 8K or 360-degree videos.

According to the manufacturer, the 1TB card can store up to 182,000 20MP photos or up to 21 hours of 4Kp60 video. 

It also meets the requirements for the A2 application performance class, so it can sustain at least 4000 random read IOPS and 2000 random write IOPS, and supports features such as command queuing and caching. 

Being a rather unique product, the PNY 1TB Pro Elite microSDXC card is also pretty expensive. It carries an MSRP of $229.99, which is actually more expensive than a mainstream SSD of the same capacity.

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