How to reclaim 5 missing features on the Galaxy S6


Even though it may seem that the Samsung Galaxy S6 seems to be "lacking" many prosumer features, the reality is that we're moving toward a world that is increasingly dependent on wireless technologies.

Wireless media drives are replacing USB OTG, Chromecast is leaving MHL in the past and wireless flash drives add utility to storage by making content sharable between local devices.

Connected wirelessly to a Chromecast on a large HDTV or projector, the Galaxy S6 becomes the ultimate mobile workstation when you add in a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, set it on top of a wireless battery charger and pair a wireless flash drive for expandable storage.

In this vein, the Galaxy S6 is doing for Android what the MacBook is for the notebook. Both represent a bold leap into the future of mobile computing by abandoning legacy support. Even though it may take an additional year or two to change mindsets, wireless is playing an increasingly important role for mobile storage, power and expansion.