Kinvey's beacon app management tool is designed to make proximity apps smarter

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Can location data be improved for better business use?

Kinvey has launched support for beacon-enabled enterprise applications, Sravish Sridhar, CEO of Kinvey told TechRadar. The solution is designed to accelerate application development and backend business logic to improve the knowledge associated with proximity-aware mobile applications.

Kinvey defines beacon apps as applications that collect and use information provided by beacons to incorporate logic that can tie proximity to identity and trigger context or notifications within an application. For example: apps that deliver offers when a consumer is at a retail location or coffee shop.

Beacon apps are traditionally used for simple marketing or retail purposes, but Sridhar said, "Beacons themselves are dumb devices [that] just send a one-way communication via a radio ping."

Backend management for smart beacons

He said a complex backend management system like the one Kinvey is introducing will be able to aggregate and analyze the data points produced by the pings to improve business processes, deliver personalized experiences, reduce costs and create revenue streams.

Kinvey's solution is designed to remove the need for writing beacon discovery and management code from scratch. The solution features pre-built client library extensions, including beacon reporting frequencies, proximity fluctuations and data smoothing.

The client libraries integrate with the mobile application's backend in order to help ensure the accuracy of beacon proximity reporting, manage notifications and securely connect user ID with beacon proximity, among other things.