OWC acquires BRU to focus on cloud and businesses

(Image credit: OWC)

Hardware firm Other World Computing, also known as OWC, has announced that it is in the final stages of acquiring BRU technologies, the cross-platform backup solution currently owned by the TOLIS group. The purchase is likely to see OWC expand its cloud offering and enterprise-level solutions.

Earlier this year, the TOLIS Group announced that it would cease trading as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. It was thought that this would mean the end of the popular BRU range of products, which had become known for its reliability, and enhanced recoverability mechanisms. 

However, the OWC purchase ensures that BRU products will continue to receive support, with all existing customers set to receive information on their upgrade paths within the coming weeks.

Not gone yet

BRU’s technology will complement OWC’s Linear Tape-Open (LTO) storage solutions, particularly as the needs of the enterprise space continue to grow. More and more data is expected to become digitalized in the coming years, while regulatory compliance is only likely to become more stringent. Businesses, therefore, must have reliable backup storage in the event of disruption.

Since its genesis in 1985, BRU has become known as the industry’s first truly server-less backup solution. Over the years, the technology has added new innovations continually – until the COVID-19 pandemic thwarted plans for further evolution. The purchase by OWC, however, should ensure the BRU family of backup, archival and storage solution can continue to grow.

“This acquisition acknowledges the importance of BRU and all that TOLIS Group provides,” said Larry O’Connor, OWC Founder & CEO. 

“We are glad to ensure customers of this innovative platform’s continuing support and development as part of the OWC lineup. With the acquisition and hiring of TOLIS founder Tim Jones as OWC’s new Chief Solutions Architect, focused on software, cloud, and business solutions, we look forward to a long and bright future for this proven data technology. OWC will ensure this trusted technology will not just live on but will flourish and have a whole new level of support and engagement within the OWC lineup.”

Barclay Ballard

Barclay has been writing about technology for a decade, starting out as a freelancer with ITProPortal covering everything from London’s start-up scene to comparisons of the best cloud storage services.  After that, he spent some time as the managing editor of an online outlet focusing on cloud computing, furthering his interest in virtualization, Big Data, and the Internet of Things.