One of Microsoft's most-hated products might actually be getting a useful upgrade

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Searching for lost files or that extra bit of data to make the difference at work could be quicker than ever thanks to a new upgrade from Microsoft.

The tech giant is boosting one of its less-celebrated products to give enterprise users an easier way to search online.

The update means that enterprise users will now get their historical searches as suggestions in the autosuggest pane on Bing and Microsoft Search in Bing, according to the official Microsoft 365 roadmap entry.

Bing bling

Bing, for anyone who may need reminding, is Microsoft's own search engine, designed to rival the likes of Google in offering information to users across the globe.

The new update should mean that enterprise users looking to quickly find files that they've searched for or opened before will no longer need to manually trawl through endless files and folders in search of the elusive location.

The update is still currently in development, but Microsoft will doubtless be keen to get it out soon and help boost Bing engagement.

The feature is set to be available to Microsoft Search users across the globe via the company's general availability route, meaning web, desktop and mobile users will all be able to utilize it upon release.

Microsoft has kept its support for Bing despite the huge disadvantage versus Google, which has dominated the web search market for years.

However, this support may have been slightly lessened by recent findings from Google, which claimed that the most searched-for term on Bing is actually Google itself, as Windows users setting up a new laptop or desktop PC often use Microsoft's browser first before installing Google Chrome using their search engine of choice, Google Search.

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