New Nintendo Switch OLED accessory already has rave reviews

Nintendo Switch OLED grip accessory Satisfye logo
(Image credit: Satisfye)

Accessory company Satisfye has released a new third-party grip for the Nintendo Switch OLED and it has already proven to be incredibly popular according to user reviews.

The ZenGrip Pro OLED simply adds handles to the console while it is in handheld mode, making it easier and more comfortable to hold since it is otherwise completely flat. It also has two little stands that allow you to rest it at a 90-degree angle on a table.

Satisfye's website adds that the grip is also compatible with the original Switch console, making it a worthwhile purchase even if you have no intention of upgrading to the OLED model.

Positive feedback

There are nearly 1,600 user reviews at the time of writing, and the majority are overwhelmingly positive. One user who left a five star review wrote "Amazing. I normally dislike using handheld because its uncomfortable on my hands but with this grip I have no issues at all and sometimes I prefer to play this way."

A couple of reviews mention the grips leaving marks on their Joy-Cons: "I have a Switch OLED, which the grip does fit, albeit really snug. It unfortunately left minor damage on the side of my right white Joy-Con and other very minor surface imperfections on the back of both Joy-Cons and the Switch itself – it created shiny markings along the matte finishes."

GameSpot has also written up a positive review for the accessory, highly recommending it to anyone who find their hands cramping while playing the Switch in handheld mode.

Michael Beckwith

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