Mobile Industry Awards 2020: O2 wins People and Culture Award

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Across the mobile industry, the creation of a company culture is essential, but it is far from easy. A culture is more than just a vision, it’s something the collective can unite behind and give purpose to their employment.

This award looked to recognise the company that created an engaging and inclusive, diverse culture that brought staff together, improved their experience and the company’s performance as a result.

Our entrants were asked to submit entries based on the following criteria:

  • How does your company define “Culture and Purpose” and its importance? What steps have you taken to define your culture and purpose for employees?
  • How does your company define “Diversity and Inclusion” and its importance? What steps have you taken to define your diversity and inclusion for employees?
  • Please describe your strategy and programs you have implemented to give your employees a sense of inclusion and purpose. 
  • Please describe how employee input and feedback has been used in your culture-building efforts. Please share specific examples of how this feedback shaped your approach.
  • Please share up to three stories that illustrate the positive impact your culture-building efforts have had on your company

Our 2020 finalists were: 


Amazon highlighted how diversity and inclusion are at the very core of its business. It has innovative benefit offerings and learning experiences including Conversations on Race and Ethnicity (CORE) and AmazeCon (gender diversity) conferences. 

Digital Wholesale Solutions

Digital Wholesale Solutions says its culture is defined by five fundamental values: trust; integrity; vitality; individuality and partnership. All of these words are both nouns and verbs and represent both beliefs and actions it encourages everybody at the company to embody.

Genuine Solutions

Culture means everything to Genuine Solutions and it will do whatever it takes to maintain and grow its ethos. When interviewing potential employees, it is critical that the candidate is a cultural fit for the company. recognises the toll that modern life can take on its employees. So to support colleagues in the workplace, the company launched an initiative that encourages staff to take steps to manage their own wellbeing.


O2’s focus on people was clear from its entry and it has a single mantra that covers everyone from the boardroom to head office to the shop floor – Making Every Day Better Through Personal Experiences That Count.


Onecom’s entry showcased a philosophy that people should be able to make decisions based on their own values and that they should have trust in the company to make the right decisions. Staff are invited to influence company decisions because they are best placed to make them.

The One Point

The One Point’s culture focuses on three key values – Helpful, Responsive, Trusted – and is influenced by employee input and feedback that drives the company’s strategy.


Three’s company philosophy is to ‘free the fun’ and this is embedded in their culture. It believes fun feeds curiosity, drives imagination and enables staff to be fearless, open-minded and to act without constraint, aiding the business.

The winner of our 2020 People and Culture Award, in association with Mind, is... O2!

Speaking about O2’s win, Mobile Industry Awards director Mark Fermor said: “Behind every good company is a good team and it is clear just how important people and culture are to success. We are delighted to see O2 collect this award.”

(Image credit: Future)

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