HP spec sheet reveals 14-inch foray into Chromebook

HP's first foray into the Chromebook market
HP's first dip into the Chromebook waters

Hewlett Packard appears to be the latest PC manufacturer to go after the growing Chromebook market, or so says a leaked spec sheet.

The PDF spec sheet, found though HP's own website, reveals HP's first Chrome OS laptop, the Pavilion Chromebook 14-c010us. As the model number suggests, the Pavilion Chromebook features a 14-inch display, making it fairly large by Chromebook standards.

Despite the larger screen, the Pavilion Chromebook will still display at the same 1366 x 768 resolution as the typical 11.6-inch Chromebooks currently offered by companies like Samsung, Acer, and Lenovo.

HP's Pavilion doesn't stray too far from other Chromebooks aside from its size, with a 1.1GHz Intel 847 Celeron processor, 2GB of RAM, three USB 2.0 ports, HDMI-out, webcam, and 16GB solid-state drive.

Bigger is better

The 14-inch Pavilion Chromebook seems to rely on its size as the key selling point, with the larger display and keyboard offering a Chromebook alternative for those who might feel cramped with an 11.6-inch display.

However, the larger screen comes at a significant cost, with HP's estimate for the Chromebook's battery life lasting only four hours without recharging.

The leaked PDF seems to have gone online ahead of schedule, with a listed advertising embargo date set for Feb. 17 and no pricing information available. It's unclear whether that was the intended announcement date or the actual launch date for the Pavilion Chromebook.

TechRadar asked HP for clarification and further details on its Chromebook and will update this story if and when the company responds.