Microsoft has big plans for pushing the collaborative powers of Office 365

Microsoft is focusing hard on collaboration these days with its productivity software, what with the incoming Microsoft Teams – and the firm has just been spilling the beans on how it intends to tightly integrate its Slack rival with Microsoft Planner so working across the two becomes a seamless experience.

Dave Heller, Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft Planner, laid out the firm’s vision of how Planner will work with Teams within Office 365.

The project/task management app will have its own tab within Teams – in fact it already does with the preview version of the latter, although functionality is limited at the moment. Eventually, the idea is you’ll be able to launch the ‘full Planner experience’ from this tab, being able to access things such as charts and indeed many other views.

And Teams users will easily be able to bring up their existing plans (from Planner) in tabs.

Big plans

Heller further notes: “Users will [get] the ability to have multiple plans per Office 365 Group within Planner. When we complete that work, you’ll also be access any of the Plans you started in Teams as well.”

The eventual plan is to have the same core features integrated into Microsoft Teams as seen on the web version of Planner, but Heller says Microsoft will go further still with integration than this – and more specifics as to exactly how will be shared down the line.

Via: On MSFT

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