Junker Queen has been officially confirmed for Overwatch 2

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A new trailer for Overwatch 2 premiered at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase and brought with it big news: Junker Queen will officially be a playable hero.

For those who aren't aware, Junker Queen is the leader of the Junkers (like Junkrat) and we've previously heard her voice before in the Junkertown map. Overwatch fans had been crying out for Junker Queen to become a playable hero in Overwatch for a while, with former creative director Jeff Kaplan confirming the developer had "big plans" for the character.

Now, thanks to the new trailer, we've had our first look at what to expect from the Queen of Junkertown in Overwatch 2

Wielding a huge ax, a railgun and some cool cybernetic abilities, the free-to-play trailer showed high-mobility tank hero Junker Queen in action. This trailer was then followed by an official reveal and showed "The Wastelander" looking as badass as we hoped she would as she prepared to go toe-to-toe with the Junker King. Check out the free-to-play trailer, below:

In addition to the news that Junker Queen is a new playable hero, the trailer also confirmed that Overwatch 2's PvP will be free-to-play for everyone, with regular content updates planned including heroes, maps, modes, and more. 

The new era of Blizzard's team-based shooter enters early access on October 4, 2022, and will be available on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

According to Blizzard, at launch players will also have access to the New Queen Street, Toronto and Midtown Manhattan maps, as well as access to the game's new Push mode, where teams aim to control and advance a centrally-located robot into enemy territory.

"We can't wait to roll out the beginning of the Overwatch 2 experience on October 4 and introduce an exciting new competitive vision, featuring a reimagining of the iconic heroes, maps, and gameplay that made the original game so compelling," Mike Ybarra, President of Blizzard Entertainment, said in a press release. "This is the beginning of an always-on and always-evolving era for the franchise, and a recommitment to serving players with frequent and substantial updates planned well into the future to keep Overwatch 2 fresh and fun for many years to come."

Blizzard has said that it will share more details on Junker Queen, Overwatch 2’s live service model and seasonal content plan, and the upcoming phase of the game’s closed beta testing during an Overwatch 2 Reveal Event live stream on June 16 at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST (or June 17 at 3am AEST) This stream will be available to watch on YouTube and Twitch.

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