SiteSpect expands its APIs to simplify campaign testing automation

Testing across user experiences
Testing across user experiences

SiteSpect has expanded its APIs to include to include campaign testing automation, Eric Hansen, CEO of SiteSpect, told TechRadar Pro.

The new functionality will give marketers the ability to automate and program multivariate testing on the web. SiteSpect claims the new features will enable its users to more quickly test campaigns and disable campaigns that negatively affect the customer experience.

When you think of A/B testing on the web you typically envision two tests running side-by-side. However, marketers are actually testing thousands of different variations of campaigns and web experiences simultaneously in order to determine the ideal user experience. SiteSpect has expanded its APIs in order to simplify and streamline the testing process for these campaigns.

Additionally, the APIs can be used to automate the integration of CMS and web data, the importation of customer data, the integration of offline and third-party data, and customized reporting, among other things.

SiteSpect on mobile

SiteSpect can also be used to test and optimize mobile experiences.

Earlier this year, SiteSpect released an SDK for testing and optimizing native iOS apps. The tool enabled businesses to create and publish changes within iOS apps without requiring App Store updates.

The SDK featured a visual editor that helped users create tests quickly and without having to enter new code.