Internet of Things worm now mines for Bitcoin rivals

Will IoT help some hackers get rich?

Security firm Symantec has identified that an Internet of Things (IoT) worm has begun mining for cryptocurrencies like Mincoins and Dogecoins.

The Linux.Darlloz worm was previously identified in November 2013, with a thirst for Intel x86 rigs.

What is new about this worm is that it is now being used to mine cryptocurrencies. It installs cpuminer, an open source mining software, and then begins digging like crazy.

X marks the spot

Symantec found 31,000 cases of infected devices with Linux. Darlloz throughout 139 regions in February alone. 42,438 Dogecoins and 282 Mincoins were collected, which is roughly £28 and £90 respectively. Not much to write home about, but it's only the beginning.

These cryptocurrencies are rather weak in comparison to their better-known cousin Bitcoin, but the latter requires custom ASIC chips to make any decent money, whereas the others can be mined for a standard home computer.

Lock up your booty

Many people are not aware that IoT devices can be infected with malware, a mindset that has also led to a massive rise in smartphone infections. Essentially, once a device becomes more advanced and has access to the internet, it then becomes susceptible to viruses.

Symantec recommends applying all security patches available, updating firmware, changing default passwords, and blocking outside connection to ports 23 or 80 if not required.

It's early days yet for this worm, and while it hasn't made a handsome profit for its owner yet, its continuing spread will likely change that.

Via PC World