One step closer to Firefox 3.0


The next version of Mozilla's Firefox web browser won't be finished until November but Mozilla's developers have today released the second Alpha version of the open source browser.

As one of the new features in Firefox 3.0 Alpha 2 , the programming code has been rewritten from scratch. This affects how the width of tables and frames are calculated, and how positioning of objects via CSS is made, according to Mozilla.

The new version of Firefox will make use of a new 2D graphics library, dubbed Cairo. The work on implementing Cairo into Firefox has already started in the Alpha 2 version.

Mozilla is also working on making Firefox 3.0 totally compatible with existing W3C web standards.

The preview version of Firefox 3.0 is available to developers and advanced testers. Mozilla warns more general users to stay put with Firefox 2.0 for now.

"Current users of Mozilla Firefox should not use Alpha 2. There are no significant user interface changes in Alpha 2, however there are many core layout and rendering improvements," said the Mozilla developers.

The third Alpha version of Firefox 3.0 is due in March. The full version is expected in November this year. Firefox 3.0 Alpha 2 can be downloaded for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux from the Mozilla website .