GSMA expects Internet of Things connections to grow 22% in 2014

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Oh the many Things you'll do in 2014

An organisation representing more than 800 mobile networks has predicted increased growth in machines using the Internet of Things in 2014.

The GSMA, which oversees mobile phone standards, expects a major boost in usage of the Internet of Things technology. In a report (PDF) the company predicts that machine-to-machine connections will grow from 195 million connections to 250 million - or 22% - by the end of 2014.

The study included devices that connect to the Internet of Things via SIM cards, such as environmental sensors, cars, locks for doors and power meters.

Commercial deployment

Traditional devices that use SIM connections, such as portable routers, e-book readers or dongles, were not included; meaning the number of connections could grow to be much higher.

"It is clear that the M2M market has moved from a period of development towards a commercial deployment phase," said Jurgen Hase, vice president of Deutsche Telekom's Competence Centre.

In Europe, Sweden is the most progressive country when it comes to embracing the Internet of Things. 23 per cent of its connections are machine-to-machine links. The fastest growing network in the world is Asia, with 56 million of the 120 million new connections since 2010 being accounted for by the Asian market.

Via CNet