Telefonica moves into real time data

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Low latency to flex the apps

Telefonica Digital, a business division of the Spanish telco which trades in the UK as O2, has teamed with UK firm Push Technology to provide a cloud based data distribution service using the latter's Diffusion technology.

They are claiming it can provide an infrastructure-as-as-service that supports distributing data in real time without using excessive bandwidth or calling for the user to invest in more servers.

Sean Bowen, CEO of Push Technology, told TRPro that the key element of the service is that, with data moving at high speed through the company's servers, it can spot the most recent iteration of a dataset and ensure that this goes through to user rather than one which has already been replaced.

This can be particularly important in processes such as monitoring fast changing prices.

Telefonica can provide low latency fibre or mobile networks which he said helps Push to flex the applications and handle peaks and troughs in traffic.

"We want to guarantee throughput and scalability," he said. "We don't want to throttle it back or limit connections."

Bowen said the companies are aiming at the market for small to midsized businesses as well as large firms, and are pricing the service through bundles of connections or based on the number of instances a customer calls up.