Build your company with BT infinity for business

BT Infinity
BT Infinity for business

BT Infinity for business doesn't just mean you can do things faster, it means you can grow your business too.

BT Infinity for business puts you first – it includes a business broadband fast lane, which puts your traffic first, even at peak times.

That means there'll be no slowing down in your broadband when you need it the most, leaving you to concentrate on building your business.

Don't take our word for it though – hear the testimonies of some of our customers now taking advantage of speeds up to eight times faster than the average UK broadband.

Take the example of business JR Annett – the company has traditionally manufactured pictures and mirrors but its old 4Mbps internet connection was causing problems.

The speed was no longer effective as the company promoted its products online – it relies upon uploading and sending high-quality product images. Each one was taking up to 40 seconds to upload, while video uploads were barely possible. Indeed high quality catalogue images had to be reduced in size and quality before they could be sent to customers.

Now the company can work more effectively online – uploading images to their website instantly and being able to handle video of new designs with ease. The speed at which JR Annett can now send out details and high-resolution catalogues gives them a competitive advantage over their rivals.

Then there's the case of Chapter Arts Centre - a major centre for contemporary arts in Europe which hosts over 1,000 events per year. It had several problems – with a rapidly growing customer base it was struggling to give visitors the service they needed, even with 150 staff.

The centre also has to share numerous files with performers and customers and was struggling to do all this on an 8Mbps connection. What's more, the centre wanted to provide customers with Wi-Fi too.

So the organisation decided to make the switch to BT Infinity for business to solve their difficulties. Indeed, the centre took the decision to install three separate lines. Why?

The first is for back office staff, tills and the box office. It means the centre is able to send emails – even over 10MB – quickly and can share files with performers and customers with minimum fuss. There's also the ability to use HD quality video conferencing, too.

The second fibre line is being used to stream films and other content via the internet into the centre's cinema, meaning the centre has found a new ways to attract customers. Because it's a dedicated line there's no risk of interruption. And the third line enables up to 20 customers to have simultaneous secure Wi-Fi access in the café.

Why not free your business too? BT Infinity for business enables you to get into the internet fast lane – you'll be able to work faster and more efficiently with a generous 100GB usage allowance. What's more, an engineer will come and install it for you, while there's 24 hour, 7 day freephone support. So what are you waiting for? Find out more about BT Infinity for business today.

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