IBM wants to ensure a cyberattack never knocks your business down for long

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Computing giant IBM has announced a new filesystem-level solution to help businesses safeguard their data, particularly from cyberattacks such as ransomware.

The solution, dubbed Safeguarded Copy, can automatically take immutable snapshots of the filesystem, which it then preserves in an isolated area within the system, protecting them against any corruption. 

When the system is attacked or runs into any other situation that causes data loss, Safeguarded Copy can help recover data from the snapshots based on known points-in-time prior to the breach. 

“Protecting against ransomware and other forms of malware requires a two-pronged approach to resiliency that involves automated protection and rapid recovery,” said Denis Kennelly, General Manager, IBM Storage. 

Flexible backups

IBM believes what sets its Safeguarded Copy solution apart from other comparable snapshot products is its dexterity and control. 

Users can define a Safeguarded Copy schedule to create multiple backups on a regular basis, such as hourly or daily. When it comes to restoration, the solution enables users to extract and restore specific data from the backup snapshots, and even restore a backup to a different volume.

Best of all, with Safeguarded Copy, users can configure and schedule the backups themselves instead of relying on an off-site storage provider.

Developed as part of IBM DS8000 series of storage systems, SafeGuarded Copy has now been extended to the IBM FlashSystem family of all-flash storage arrays that use standard solid-state drives (SSD).

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