I wish this Elden Ring mod could be patched into the console version

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There's a new Elden Ring mod that's so good I wish it could somehow make it into the console version.

The PC version of Elden Ring has some fantastic mods, courtesy of its large and dedicated community. One of the latest mods to hit the game, Increased Draw Distance, does pretty much what it says on the tin (thanks, Wccftech). When installed, it'll let you see more of the game's distant landscapes as you travel through The Lands Between.

The best thing about the mod is that it manages this with very little impact on the game's performance. If you have a PC that can run Elden Ring just fine, then, it's absolutely worth downloading the mod to get a better look at the game's distant sights for yourself.

The Horizons Between

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So why is increased draw distance such a big deal for Elden Ring? For starters, developer From Software really wants you to soak in its environments across all its games. Be that the far-flung Bell of Awakening in Dark Souls, or the distant Lothric Castle in Dark Souls 3. You're constantly made aware of your goal, and the daunting amount of travel between you and it.

That's no different in Elden Ring. Right from the jump, you can get a good look at Stormveil Castle, where the game's first major boss resides, and the monolithic Erdtree at the heart of the land. These towering landmarks serve as a reminder as to just how big the world around you is, or how small you are when placed in it.

Increasing Elden Ring's draw distance further serves this theme. And while greatly unlikely, it's something I'd love to see From Software implement into the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S version of the game. 

Having an even greater sense of my place in The Lands Between, in relation to other major areas on the map, is something I'd love to witness on repeat playthroughs. If only to bask in the bleak beauty of Elden Ring's dying world. And while the game doesn't have an official photo mode, increased draw distance would certainly delight eager screenshotters like myself and I'm sure countless others.

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