Healthcare leads the way when it comes to AI investment

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New research has revealed that the healthcare industry is leading the charge when it comes to the development of artificial intelligence (AI) research and applications.

In its latest report, CB Insights explores the latest AI trends in healthcare and how Google, Apple and other tech giants are innovating in the space.

For example, Google's DeepMind is revolutionising diagnostics by matching the accuracy of medical experts in diagnosing 50 sight-threatening eye diseases while pharmaceutical companies are employing deep learning to help design new drugs.

Hurdles for AI in healthcare

CB Insights highlights overhauling current processes that no longer work as one of the biggest hurdles for AI in healthcare. The emerging technology faces both technical and feasibility challenges that are unique to the healthcare industry such as the fact that there is no standard format or central repository of patient data in the US.

When patient files are faxed, emailed as unreadable PDFs or set as images of handwritten notes, it will be quite difficult for AI to extract useful information. However, Apple and other big tech companies have the advantage here as they are familiar with onboarding a large network of partners including healthcare providers and EHR vendors.

The company's ResearchKit and CareKit could transform clinical studies by generating new sources of data and putting EHR data in patients' hands.

CB Insights utilised its database to uncover the trends that are transforming the healthcare industry and the entire 33-page report can be downloaded here.

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