Get money towards your new PS4 Pro or Xbox One

This feature has been brought to you by Decluttr.

As a gamer, there are always upcoming new releases or next-gen consoles to look forward to.  However, as game consoles have become more advanced, their prices have increased significantly making the question of which console to buy all that more difficult for consumers. 

Selling your old consoles and games is an easy way to bring down the cost of that new PS4 Pro or the upcoming Xbox One X.  Traditionally gamers have returned to popular retailers to sell off their gear, such as Gamestop or EB Games, where they receive just a fraction of what they originally paid.  Luckily though Decluttr makes it fast and easy to receive the most for your consoles and games, plus it’s totally free. 

Better than a trade-in at your local game store 

Taking a trip to Gamestop to trade in your old consoles and games always seems like a good idea at first.  But once everything you brought in is added up, you often reconsider selling your items in the first place.  Decluttr, on the other hand, pays 77 per cent more than Gamestop and saves you a trip to the mall or shopping center. 

Using the company’s mobile app or website, you can also quickly see how much a game is worth by scanning the barcode using your smartphone.  For consoles, all you need to do is search for your item, describe  its condition and Decluttr will give you an instant quote.  The company also offers a price promise guarantee and will pay the initial offer price for your game consoles or return them for free! 

How you get paid  

Once you’ve got a price for all of your games and consoles  with Decluttr, all you have to do is print out the free shipping label and send them in.  There is also no need to worry about them getting damaged in the mail as free insured shipping is included with every box you send in.   

Decluttr pays for your items the day after your items arrive with payments distributed to users via check, direct deposit or even PayPal.  This way you will have the necessary money for the latest console or games quickly and easily. 

Recycle your game collection today 

Getting rid of your vast game collection can be a daunting task especially when you feel like they’re being undervalued.  Decluttr pays more than anyone else with rates 25 per cent higher than market prices.  The service also takes the embarrassment and humiliation out of a trip to Gamestop while making the entire process far simpler than going through an online auction site like eBay.  Decluttr even charges no auction or seller fees making it simple and painless to sell your game consoles and games online for the best price with the least amount of hassle.  

Why let your old games take up valuable space in your living room setup when you could sell them and begin making money towards your new console on Decluttr today?