Wii doubles PS3 in total Japanese console sales

Wii sells over 9 million units in Japan since its late 2006 launch

In terms of total console sales to date in Japan, the Nintendo Wii has topped 9 million, while the Sony PS3 has hit the 4 million mark to date.

Enterbrain's latest figures are the total sales to date up to December 13 2009. The Japanese gaming analysts also noted that the latest Nintendo hit, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, has sold an impressive 465,000 copies in its second week on Japanese gaming emporium shelves.

Clawing back market share

And while Sony has been clawing back some of the market share in Japan, almost matching Wii console sales in recent months, the overall sales of Wii to date are way more than twice that of PS3 in Japan.

Enterbrain notes that Nintendo has now sold 9,048,012 consoles since its December 2006 launch and over 56 million Wiis worldwide through to September this year (according to Nintendo's own estimates).

The Sony's PS3 has just nudged past the 4-million-unit mark in Japan and, up to September this year, Sony had sold around 27 million units worldwide.

Via uk.gamespot.com