Starved for more Pokémon Sun and Moon? You won't have to wait much longer

Starved for more Pok mon Sun and Moon You won t have to wait much longer

Eager Pokémon fans need be patient for just a few days, as series director and composer Junichi Masuda teased that more information on the upcoming Pokémon Sun & Moon will be unveiled next week.

Posting to his personal Line blog, Masuda writes that fresh facts for the next entries in the long-running creature collecting franchise will arrive Tuesday, May 10, at around 9pm JST/8am ET.

Up to this point, the next link in the chain of Pokémon games has been kept under wraps, with the reveal of the games' existence mentioned at the last second of a video celebrating the franchise's 20th anniversary.

Will Tuesday's briefing fill in eager trainers on Sun & Moon's setting? Its starter Pokémon? Perhaps even some sort of Amiibo functionality or integration with the Wii U?

We won't know until then, but Masuda's announcement only makes it that much harder to wait until the holidays, when Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon is set arrive worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS in nine(!) different languages.