Control your PS3 with any object

Sony patents yet another motion control camera device for PlayStation 3

If you have ever had the urge to control your PlayStation 3 games with a coffee cup, a slipper or even a small animal, then you might well be in luck, if a new Sony patent is anything to go by.

Sony has patented yet another motion control system, which sounds far similar to Microsoft's project Natal than the 'PS3 Wand' that was revealed at E3 2009.

The new system will potentially let you use any everyday object as an in-game controller.

Dynamically map anything

The patent reveals a Sony system in which a camera can dynamically map any object for use in a game, with mention of items such as "coffee mugs, drinking glasses, books, bottles, etc".

The camera has to capture the object first before it can be mapped into a game. You can see the detailed patent right here.

Via Siliconera