PS4 2.01 software update rolling-out today, fixes evil Rest Mode bug

PS4 2 01 software update rolling out today fixes evil Rest Mode bug

Sony has confirmed that the PS4 2.01 software update will be released today, and fixes a pretty serious bug introduced in the recent 2.0 update.

We all love software updates, but the PS4's recent v2.0 software added a nasty little parasite that will be fixed in version v2.01, which is starting to roll-out today.

The issue has become known as the Rest Mode bug – PS4s cannot be turned back on having entered rest mode when this bug strikes.

You have to unplug/hard reset the console to get it working again, something manufacturers generally suggest you avoid.

Until now Sony has simply recommended reinstalling the PS4 v2.0 update as a fix, but we've heard reports this doesn't always work.

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Well, soon enough you won't have to worry about it.

PlayStation Europe confirmed on Twitter at 9am 5 November that the fix will be available imminently.

Features Sony added in the v2.0 update include Share Play and a YouTube app.

Share Play is the biggie, offering virtual 'couch' co-op play, just like we used to enjoy back in the 90s when gamepads were square and we used jumpers for goal posts.

Via Eurogamer