G Suite hits two billion monthly active users

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Google has revealed that its G Suite platform has crossed the milestone of two billion monthly active users.

In a recent interview, GM and VP of G Suite, Javier Soltero disclosed the platform crossed the mark at the end of 2019, however, he did not share a break up of paid and free users.

This is staggering growth considering the fact that around the start of 2019, the company had over five million paid users - althought Google does count Gmail users also in the G Suite package.

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Soltero also shared the plans that Google has for G Suite going forward, including the aim of, “doubling down on features that make G Suite unique, like its robust search, conversation focus in Gmail and built-in collaboration.”

Soltero hinted that the machine learning-powered "smart compose" content suggestion feature, currently available in Gmail and Docs, will make its way to other products soon. 

He also pointed out that integration of different apps is one area that has some scope of improvement. 

Before joining Google, Soltero was CEO of mobile email app Acompli, which was famously sold to Microsoft and later became the base of the company's Outlook mobile app. He stated that even though the collaboration and communication field is crowded, it still “is not a solved problem”.

For a comparison, Microsoft’s Office 365 platform can only boast over 200 million paid users during the same period. 

Via: Axios

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