Fujitsu customer data is reportedly being sold on the dark web

Data leak
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Japanese tech giant Fujitsu has reportedly confirmed that the stolen data being sold on the dark web relates to its customers, even as it appears to downplay the incident.

ZDNet reports that the data has been posted by the Marketo group, which breaks into corporate networks much like a ransomware operator, but only exfiltrates the data without encrypting the systems.

Marketo claims it has over 4GB of confidential Fujitsu data, such as customer information, company data, budget data, reports and other company documents including information on projects.

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"We are aware that information has been uploaded to dark web auction site 'Marketo' that purports to have been obtained from our site. Details of the source of this information, including whether it comes from our systems or environment, are unknown," a Fujitsu spokesperson told ZDNet.  

New campaign

The Fujitsu spokesperson said that there was no indication that the data being sold by Marketo had anything to do with the ProjectWEB compromise earlier this year. 

Back in May, in a campaign similar to a supply-chain attack, hackers gained access to Fujitsu's project management platform, called ProjectWEB to leak data from various Japanese government offices.

One of the organizations whose data was leaked was the Japanese government’s National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC), which has performed the cybersecurity drill for the Olympics organizers and later confirmed that its data was exposed in the Fujitsu attack.

“I assume that you may recall the last event of ProjectWEB in May, but there is no indication that this includes information leaked from ProjectWEB, and we believe that this matter is unrelated,” Fujitsu told ZDNet.

Marketo initially claimed that the data it has posted attracted 280 bids, though reports claim it currently only lists 70 bids. 

Via ZDNet

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