eBook: PEMAC Assets CMMS – Powerful, Intelligent Maintenance Management

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Today’s enterprise has an ever-growing number of assets, from infrastructure devices, to the Internet of Things, to employee devices and everything in between. Consequently, managing these assets has become a major challenge. 

If poorly managed, this challenge may result in operational disruption and unexpected downtime, and that could incur extra repair costs. In some cases, it could mean failure to comply with state regulations, bringing fines and audits with them.

In extreme cases, poor management of enterprise assets could even result in loss of life, as seldom checked assets are more likely to fall below the necessary safety standards.

With the number of assets on the rise, both visibility and proper maintenance management become paramount.

PEMAC Assets CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System), is uniquely positioned to help with all your planning, management, and implementation of your asset maintenance strategy.

Designed as a one-stop shop, PEMAC Assets allows you to identify your critical assets, dynamically create preventive maintenance plans, generate, plan and report on work orders, develop a traceable asset history, and record spare parts transactions.

With PEMAC Assets, you get to create time- or performance-based maintenance strategies, ensuring maximum asset availability.

Eliminate unnecessary risk, avoid extra downtime, optimize the lifecycle of your assets, all while staying compliant, in a simple, seamless manner.

PEMAC Assets is a modular system, currently counting more than 200 features.

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