DCC nabs more businesses in aggressive bid to strengthen bottom line

DCC PLC, which is better known for its Exertis brand, has announced the acquisition of two companies in a bid to expand and diversify its portfolio.

The deals, which at a cumulative total value of £110m (around $145m), represents about a third of the total revenue the pair pulled last year.

The first target was Stampede Global holdings, which sells professional AV products and solutions and covers mostly North America and the US. The company's latest financial statement showed that it generated $280m in revenue in 2017 with a headcount of 210.

UK-based Kondor, EE's exclusive partner for accessories, raked in about $145m last year (£110m) with 250 employees on its books. It sells audio and mobile accessories across UK and continental Europe and its purchase allows Exertis to become one of the most important players in the omnichannel distribution and supply chain market across Europe.

Donal Murphy, Chief Executive of DCC plc, said in a statement: "The acquisition of Stampede significantly strengthens DCC Technology's position in the attractive and growing Pro AV market and also provides DCC Technology with a platform for growth and development in North America. The acquisition of Kondor further enhances both DCC Technology's service proposition and its market position, where it has grown to be a leading service provider to the retail channel in Europe."

Desire Athow
Managing Editor, TechRadar Pro

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