Cryptominers are keeping the gaming netbook market going

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According to reports, cryptominers in China, Taiwan, and South Korea have started urging manufacturers to create custom laptops with the Nvidia RTX 30 series of graphics.

Nvidia has been struggling to keep up with the demand for its latest line of GPUs, not just from gamers, but also from cryptominers. This despite it curbing the crypto mining capabilities of its newest graphics cards, and announcing a new series of processors made especially for crypto mining.

Yet, inspite of all these developments, a report in DigiTimes has revealed an unexpected surge in the demand for custom laptops fueled primarily by cryptominers.

GPU with a shell

Although news of crypto miners using high-end gaming laptops for mining crypto isn’t new, the DigiTimes report points to a new trend. 

According to the report while “notebook shipments were originally expected to slip quarter by quarter in 2021 as the pandemic would be gradually put under control,” it might not play out since the “demand from cryptomining may keep the volumes in high gear.”

Since the crypto miners have no interest in using the laptops for gaming, they’ve started asking manufacturers for a custom line that combines the Nvidia RTX 30 series of graphics cards with low-cost budget components. 

Just as Nvidia is catering to the demand for its GPUs for cryptomining with the new line of Cryptocurrency Mining Processors (CMP), it stands to reason that laptop manufacturers would want to cash in on this new trend as well.

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