New Intel Ultrabook takes on MacBook Air

Intel making "aggressive" moves to keep price as low as possible on new Ultrabook range
Intel making "aggressive" moves to keep price as low as possible on new Ultrabook range
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Intel is aiming to take on the MacBook Air in the superthin laptop category, with a new, surprisingly affordable range of Ultrabooks.

Intel claimed at Computex back in May that it thinks Ultrabooks "will make up 40 per cent of the market by the end of 2012."

Sub-$1000 sweet spot

And that's no idle boast, if the latest news on the pricing plans for Ultrabooks are anything to go by, with strong suggestions that Intel is set to hit that all-important sub-$1,000 sweet spot price point.

The latest news on Ultrabook manufacturing costs comes from Digitimes, which claims that Intel's Ultrabook's standard bills of materials will be in the range of $500-$700, which is noticeably less than the cost of manufacture of an Apple MacBook Air.

Digitimes also notes that Intel is considering using fiberglass instead of opting for a unibody magnesium-aluminum chassis, in an "aggressive" move to cut price even further.

Intel plans to release two ranges of super-slim 18mm notebooks (with 11-inch and13-inch screens) and 21mm-thick notebooks (with 14-inch and17-inch screen) and, just like the MacBook Air, NO optical drive.

Intel's new Ivy Bridge-based notebooks should arrive in stores at some point early next year. We'll bring you more official news as and when it comes in.

Via TechCrunch and Apple Insider