Intel drops $30 million on new cloud computing research

Intel: investing in the cloud
Intel: investing in the cloud

Intel has made a $30 million investment in two new cloud computing research centres at Carnegie Mellon University in the US.

The chip giant has invested in a five-year program to fund the new Intel Science and Technology academic research labs, which will focus on cloud computing and embedded computing research.

More specifically, the research at Intel's new centres will look to provide open source innovations to better analyse data and provide users with useful real-time information on their surroundings.

A dreamer. Not the only one.

Justin Rattner, Intel Chief Technology Officer is clearly something of a dreamer and a passionate believer in the power of technology to help make our lives better, saying, "For example, future cars equipped with embedded sensors and microprocessors to constantly collect and analyze traffic and weather data. That information could be shared and analyzed in the cloud so that drivers could be provided with suggestions for quicker and safer routes."

Intel's press release adds that the research will also look at areas such as "built-in application optimisation, more efficient and effective support of big data analytics on massive amounts of online data, and making the cloud more distributed and localized by extending cloud capabilities to the network edge and even to client devices.

"In the future, these capabilities could enable a digital personal handler via a device wired into your glasses that sees what you see, to constantly pull data from the cloud and whisper information to you during the day - telling you who people are, where to buy an item you just saw, or how to adjust your plans when something new comes up."

That sound? That was the rumble of Philip K Dick turning in his grave.

Via ComputerWorld

Adam Hartley