New iMacs outed - packing Haswell chips and faster Fusion Drive

New iMacs outed - packing Haswell chips and speeded up Fusion Drive
They're coming to an Apple Store near you

Apple has revealed its new range of iMacs which promise to be 50% faster than previous incarnations.

This is because Apple has opted to add PCle-based Flash storage to the series, which can be be configured to a whopping 1TB or 3TB Fusion Drive, depending on which iMac option you go for.

If you are looking for an entry level iMac, then the 21.5-inch version comes equipped with a 2.7 GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor and new Iris Pro graphics.

If you want to splash the cash and go for the higher end, then 21.5-inch model and both 27-inch models feature quad-core Intel Core i5 processors up to 3.4 GHz and NVIDIA GeForce 700 series graphics with twice the video memory.

Port of call

All iMacs come with 8GB memory as standard, as well as a 1TB hard drive, but as always with Apple this can be expanded to 32GB of memory and a 3TB hard drive.

Ports-wise, you get two Thunderbolt and four USB 3.0 ports and you will obviously get OS X Mountain Lion as well.

When it comes to new iMac pricing, the 21.5 inch range starts at £1,149 ($1,299). The 27.5-inch iMac pricing begins at £1,599 ($1,999).

Marc Chacksfield

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