HP reportedly readying device that can 'sprout' pseudo-holograms

HP laptop
HP isn't shy when it comes to experimenting

If you've been following the news around HP lately, you'll know that the company has split into two companies, with one focusing on personal computers and printing and the other on corporate hardware.

Now, Re/code claims to have caught wind of one of the new devices to have emerged from the former unit, which will reportedly be unveiled on October 29, and it sounds positively nuts.

Called Sprout, the three-part machine is said to combine a large flat-screen display similar to the one on its Pavilion Touchsmart line of devices with a flat, touch-sensitive work surface and an overhead part that combines a 3D scanner and a projector.

Positive projection

Apparently designed by former Apple hardware exec Eric Monsef, the machine allows users to project images onto the work surface, which can be manipulated like a tablet or touchscreen using a hand or stylus.

And here's the most intruiging bit: users will be able to insert 3D renders into the workflow by placing objects on the surface and scanning them using the overhead arm's projector, according to Re/code's report.

Sprout is said to be aimed at businesses, but we can imagine anyone coming up with some crazy 3D imaging projects. It sounds like the machine could be paired with a 3D printer to print off creations, but we'll wait to see if it's actually unveiled next week before jumping the gun.

Kane Fulton
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