DCI agrees to stop making Epson cartridges

Judge's gavel
It didn't get quite this far, but the lawyers were busy

Dynamic Cassette International (DCI) has agreed to stop making Epson print cartridges as part of the resolution of a two-year legal dispute with Seiko Epson Corporation.

In a short statement, Epson said DCI has ceased to manufacture new cartridges that are compatible with its printers; although it also said the agreement was resolved "to the satisfaction of both parties". All the other terms are being kept confidential.

In April 2011 Epson began High Court proceedings against DCI claiming it had infringed patents on a number of print cartridges.

Own brand alternative

DCI makes inkjets and toner cartridges that are compatible with machines from most of the major manufacturers, both for 'own brand' suppliers and its own Jet Tec brand. The move effectively removes an alternative supplier of cartridges in a market in which own brand suppliers have sold at prices well below those offered by the printer manufacturers.

Robert Clark, Vice President of Epson Europe, said: "We invest heavily in research and development to ensure that our customers receive the best possible imaging results from our products. As a business we are committed to protecting our investments, assets and our resulting products and technologies, the world over."