A4 printing goes portable with Brother's PocketJet 7 series

Brother PocketJet 7

While thermal printing has been commonplace for decades, Brother's latest line of printers is taking it on the road.

Aiming to help mobile workers who need to print documents on the go, Brother's introducing its PocketJet 7 series, the market's first A4 thermal printers.

Capable of printing eight pages per minute, and 600 pages per charge, the printers are designed to help workers in industries like healthcare, transportation, and public safety – the NSW Ambulance service has already put the devices to use.

Ink-free since 2015

While other mobile printers use inkjet technology, it does not respond well to the sweltering heat Australians will be all too familiar with. Due to its thermal printing tech, the PocketJet 7 series doesn't doesn't experience such problems. The printers are also around a third of the size of their inkjet competitors.

There are six printers in the PocketJet 7 series, starting with the PJ-722. This entry model costs $599 and boasts a USB interface and 200 dpi print resolution.

Comparatively, the top PJ-773 model costs $879, supports USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi interfaces, and boasts 300 dpi print resolution. The range's other four models sit in between with a variety of interfaces, print resolutions and price points.