Kingston releases SSD range for road warriors

Kingston- The new V+ 180
Kingston- The new V+ 180

Kingston has announced the release of its SSDNOWV+180 range of high performance solid state drives for ultra-portable 1.8 inch devices.

Available in 64GB, 128GB and 256Gb flavours, the SSDNOW V+180 delivers all the perks of solid state storage to notebooks and netbooks, allowing quicker boot times and data access, as well as giving your battery less of a hard time.

The absence of moving parts in SSDs means they're handy for machines and users that lead rugged lives, travelling as work demands and booting up at 35,000 feet as often as on trains or occasionally in the nice, quiet office.

In addition, the SSDNOW V+180 drives boast 230MB/sec read and 180MB/sec write speeds, so the awkward silence when you turn the on machine to prepare your PowerPoint show will be minimal, not to mention increased productivity from minesweeper games cut short by speedy program installs.

Way of the future

"Independent IT analyst IDC estimates that the number of mobile workers will hit 1 billion by 2011, driven by technology advances such as high speed networking, and the desire for greater work/life balance," Kingston's release states.

" Today's road warriors demand the highest performance and durability in the smallest and most mobile configuration. Kingston's SSDNow V+180 Series brings speed and endurance to the ultra-portable 1.8" form factor."

The SSDNOW V+180 drives are out now, and you'll need £610.15 for the most spacious 256GB model.

Phil Iwaniuk

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