Cloudflare launches free DNS service for Windows and macOS, gets slammed for blocking key sites for Families
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Cloudflare has launched a new family-friendly version of its DNS service called for Families which can be used to block malware and prevent children from seeing adult content online.

By configuring their devices or gateways to use the DNS resolver, users can protect themselves from malware-serving websites. Parents can also use the DNS resolver to protect their children from both malware and adult content.

While for Families was released with good intentions, Cloudflare's initial filter configuration for adult content ended up preventing users from visiting certain LGBT and sex education sites.

In a statement to The Register, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince explained that the company is currently working to fix the mistake, saying:

"It was a horrible mistake and we are working to remedy it as quickly as possible. We use a variety of external categorization services to categorize the internet. Our intention was to do something similar to 'Google Safe Search' and there were some categories that were included in Adult Themes by one provider that we missed when we did our review."

WARP beta for macOS and Windows

In addition to for Families, Cloudflare also announced that it is launching a WARP beta for macOS and Windows.

Last year the company revealed its new VPN service called WARP which is currently available within the iOS and Android app to help secure and speed up internet connections.

Cloudflare announced the beta of with WARP in April of last year but it took the company until late September before it opened it up to general availability. Thankfully the wait for WARP for macOS and Windows won't be nearly as long.

The WARP client for macOS and Windows uses the Wireguard protocol to secure Internet connections and keep users safe from being spied on by their ISPs. Additionally, just like WARP on the mobile app, the basic service will also be free on macOS and Windows.

Cloudflare also revealed that it is planning to build a WARP client for Linux once the other desktop versions have been completed.

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